The transcendental qualities of the Esoteric Teachings reveal the pathways to the heart of mankind, and to the heart of the Divine Creator. These teachings bestow upon the soul a realization that it’s through the expansion of consciousness that it can learn how to be born well, live well, die well, and in perfect measure be born again. They reveal the pathways of Ascension, and teach the Stepping Down process so, mankind can embody and live the wisdom of the teachings in their human existence. Those who chose the life of esoteric knowledge, truth, and who perceive that life is a journey in wisdom and take the steps necessary to raise their vibration become illuminated. They become the teachers, the sages, the seers, and the philosophers of the Golden Age of Enlightenment.

Hermetica…Wisdom of Antiquity

The teachings of Hermetica provide insight into how the Cosmos evolves physically, non-physically, and how consciousness affects the evolution of ...
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