Channeled to Carol Ritberger

Our host has requested our presence to discuss inner guidance and offer insight on using its navigational qualities to move forward in times of uncertainty and manage the chaotic instability it creates.   

The energy of uncertainty is volatile and potent, demanding flexibility, adaptability, and resiliency. Amidst the emotional and energetic mayhem it creates, we encourage you to step away from the inner turmoil. Embrace your inner guidance as it will move you from the Victim to Victor. Harness your intuition to see beyond the obvious. Embrace the role of a spiritual observer rather than a reactive participant. This shift in mindset will not only allow you to cope with and manage the effects of uncertainty but also reduce anxiety and help you to feel more in control of your life and less emotionally overwhelmed. 

As a spiritual observer, you’ll see how uncertainty’s chaotic energy impacts you mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically. You’ll feel the potent negative emotions buried within it without those emotions affecting you. Emotions include dread, despair, fear, anger, resentment, and sadness. You’ll understand why uncertainty causes you to become worried, anxious, unsettled, and afraid. Why do you feel lost and wondering where you belong? You’ll observe how these powerful negative emotions keep you in the mental patterns of your past and why they keep your body in a continual state of fight, flight, and freeze. You’ll become aware that uncertainty is like standing on a mound of shifting sand and understand why it’s hard to get your footing, let alone find a state of equilibrium.  

While uncertainty may initially appear unsettling, uncomfortable, and challenging, it harbors immense transformative potential. It is, above all, a catalyst for change. Its energy is not merely disruptive but profoundly transformational. It compels and necessitates you to control what you can control, such as your perspective, reactions, and mental focus. The distractions it creates are potent reminders of the importance of focusing on your desired outcomes. Look within for your answers and use your inner guidance to find your way. Uncertainty is a powerful reminder that you hold the key to creating your desired steadfast and healthy life. 

Inner Guidance  

As part of your inherent spiritual essence, you’re gifted with the innate capacity to see beyond the obvious and to rise beyond limitations. This innate ability is rooted in your intuition, the extrasensory abilities of empathic knowing, and the pre-cognation qualities to foresee the consequences of your choices. With this insight, you can create new solutions, weigh options, and make necessary course corrections. This ability allows you to maneuver your way through the mental and emotional snares of the ego. It will enable you to see beyond the false realities created by the mind and the past. It forms a union between the soul’s wisdom and the mind’s intellect, making it possible to serve as a holistic guiding force in your life.  

Inner guidance’s ability to heighten awareness and affect consciousness transforms stagnation into action. It combines the information offered by the five physical senses with the information provided by intuition and the extrasensory system. The combination changes thoughts, expands consciousness, releases old emotional patterns, forms new perceptions, and makes new solutions and choices apparent. 

While inner guidance is integral to the manifestation process, its purpose isn’t to manifest. Its purpose is to help you manifest by providing discernment, clarity, and understanding so you can make the best choices and ensure you manifest your desired outcomes. Inner guidance isn’t focused on fulfilling the ego’s ambitions. It’s focused on fulfilling the heart’s desires and the soul’s purpose.    

Using Inner Guidance

Specific parameters must be followed to utilize your inner guidance and fully experience all it offers. The first parameter is intention. Setting a clear, concise intention for the outcome you want to manifest is essential. Intention harnesses the natural forces of the Law of Attraction, focuses the mind’s attention, sets mental priorities, and establishes emotional commitment to the outcome. Invite your five physical senses to participate in the intention-setting process. Then, it becomes real and already manifested in your mind and heart.  

The second parameter is being in the present moment, as you set the intention. This means being fully aware of the focus of your thoughts and what you’re feeling. Setting an intention can be unproductive and ineffective if your mind’s distracted or fixated on outcomes it believes are right. Being in the present moment makes it possible for your inner guidance to observe your thoughts’ focus and evaluate the choices your mind is suggesting. The present moment allows it to observe the consequences of those choices. If those choices are reprocessing the past, then your inner guidance will shift the mind’s attention and offer new possibilities and options, making it receptive to the intentions set and the desired outcomes. Lastly, let go of the presumably known and opt for the unknown because possibilities, options, solutions, and different choices reside in the unknown.  

A benefit associated with your inner guidance is that it doesn’t send mixed messages or try to convince or coerce you to go against your intuition or do something unnatural. It doesn’t partake in wishful thinking, create inner struggle, or ask you to compromise your values. Its messages are distinct, well-intended, and direct. All it requires is to use, listen to, engage, and act on the messages it conveys. Consciously welcome your inner guidance to participate in making choices, especially when you’re experiencing confusion or vacillating in deciding what’s best for you.  

Our Observations

For centuries, we have observed that a root cause of human frustration lies in the uncertainty of the unknown. We have observed how easy it is to live in the past, repeat the past, and allow the past to conjure up the fear-based consciousness that’s currently causing divisiveness, destruction, and plaguing humanity. This state of consciousness is the scourge of the mind and certainly isn’t conducive to change or open to the insights of your inner guidance. As a result, the mere thought of freeing yourself from the past, old beliefs, and familiar behavioral patterns can feel overwhelming, painstaking, daunting, and intimidating. Again, we remind you that your inner guidance doesn’t come from your mind. It comes from your heart and soul.  

Your mind has been conditioned to be a powerful force in influencing your perceptions, dictating your thoughts, and deciding your best choices. It would instead stick with what’s tried and true rather than take the risks of change. Unlike your soul, which embraces change and knows it’s the path to personal liberation, your mind is only open to change if forced into it or if the change benefits the needs and urges of the ego. We hear you lament about feeling stuck and observe you suffering with indecision and struggling to move forward on your spiritual journey. We offer that you only feel these things because your mind has been led to believe it determines and rules your reality. It has forgotten about your inner guidance capabilities. It has forgotten your ability to create. We observe that while there are many reasons for this, there are two primary reasons.  


To begin, we observe that you have forgotten how to trust yourself. You allow self-doubt to override your insights and instincts. It appears you have forgotten the value of self-doubt. Self-doubt is intended to slow the activities of the mind so it can pause. Evaluate the quality of information it’s receiving and ponder its choices. Taking that pause ensures the choices are plausible and are in your highest good. So, the word we offer to remove the constraints of self-doubt is trust. Yet, we don’t speak of trusting others; we speak of self-trust―trusting yourself, your heart, your inner guidance, and your connection to the consciousness of the One Mind and the Universe. 

Be mindful that words have tremendous power as they become thoughts put into action. Words are energy and play a significant role in the Law of Attraction. Words can liberate you from your past or keep you trapped within it. Words form future thoughts, create attitudes, shape your character, and influence your body’s ability to heal and protect. The body is always listening and reacting to what you say. Consequently, words affect you mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically. Words can free, or they can trap.

Trust reinforces the connection with the physical self, the soul, the heart, and the Universe. It opens your mind to receive guidance from their inherent wisdom. Trusting yourself releases the grip of your fears, quells insecurities, and focuses your attention on the present moment. Even though trust is an intrinsic quality of your soul and is a creative source offered by the universe, you must create and attract earthly experiences that will help you build self-trust. By human design, self-trust begins within your heart and will only permeate your thoughts when you direct it to. Learning to trust yourself is part of the enlightenment process. Trusting yourself and your relationship with the universe is part of the evolutionary process. The desire for self-trust motivates you to move forward on your spiritual journey, especially when the journey can feel lonely and hard. Trusting that you will prevail will give you the strength to endure. 

Trust and transformation are synonymous, as both words move you beyond your past and into the present. When you trust your inner guidance, you find solutions to every problem and experience the certainty of knowing that you’re making the right choices. However, wanting self-trust isn’t enough. You must take the risk of failing and allow yourself to be vulnerable. It takes work. It’s a conscious choice, a commitment, and a way of living. Remember, it’s easy to falter in the process. However, when you do, you learn its value and importance.


This is a crucial time in the evolution of consciousness, and you play an essential role in the outcome. What is that role? To create, maintain, and sustain a physical and spiritual state of equilibrium. Doing so will make a difference in your life and the lives of others. It will help you navigate these uncertain times. It will make change easier. Be mindful that uncertainty always occurs with any change. No matter if that change is minor or significant or if it’s initiated by you or by some force beyond your control.  

You’ll notice we didn’t use the word balance in this part of our message. Instead, we used the word equilibrium. There’s a difference between the two that’s valuable to understand. Balance is a state of mind. It refers to the ability to manage the dualities within the change process. The objective of balance is to maintain consistency between opposing forces, such as creating a balance between work and play, your needs or the needs of others, rest or movement, or trying too hard or allowing. Balance is an individualized focus on the physical.  

Equilibrium, on the other hand, is a state of being. It’s a spiritual and energetic process that’s beyond the individual. Equilibrium is experienced when all forces are harmonious.   They’re working as a single unit, canceling each other’s differences, producing a unified system where all are equal. In the context of this message, all forces refer to you, the collective consciousness of humanity, the consciousness of the One Mind, all tangible and intangible, and the universe. Think of equilibrium as homeostasis in the body. Many organs and systems work individually to maintain their balance, but when combined, they become equal and work as one, focusing on the same result—good health.

Equilibrium also refers to the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic interaction created when the head, the body, the heart, and the soul contribute as equals. A deep state of ease, peace, and stillness is created when all work unifies. Uncertainty and the mental and emotional chaos it makes don’t exist in this equilibrium state, where they can still exist in the balancing process. You can access your inner guidance easily when uncertainty constraints are removed. Equilibrium creates the mental space needed to find the direction, resolution, love, forgiveness, and answers you seek. 

Not Tomorrow, but today

The need to fully utilize your inner guidance couldn’t be more critical than now. 

In your current time, consciousness is shifting, accelerating, and expanding so quickly that your mind has difficulty keeping up with all the changes and adjustments required. Consequently, it will resist change because it’s uncomfortable and views change as risky. To ensure you don’t act recklessly, your mind calls on your ego to resurrect fears and insecurities that will influence you to favor sticking with what’s tried and true. 

The dichotomy is that while your mind sees this shift in consciousness as threatening, deep within your heart, you know it isn’t. Instead, you can feel the release of the emotions attached to these fears and experience feelings of liberation and exhilaration. You can feel your thinking moving from the past and beyond your outer world, depending on others to tell you what you should do, how to think, and what to think. You can feel your heart and inner guidance leading you. You become aware of how new solutions and opportunities are presenting themselves. 

As a result of the intensity and potency of this consciousness shift, you might struggle to create a state of equilibrium. You might feel out of balance, as if you have one foot in the physical world and one foot in the ethereal world and are hanging on to both. You may feel mentally out of sorts, emotionally overwhelmed, and physically tired. You may have difficulty deciding and determining how to move forward or even knowing if you are moving forward. Don’t be alarmed when you feel any of these; remember they’re merely distractions created by the uncertainty of change. Rather than seeking balance, call on your inner guidance to show you how to harness all forces so they generate the equilibrium you seek. Turn inward and trust.

An effective way to create equilibrium is to call in all aspects of who you are, both visible and invisible, and set the intention for all to work as one unified field of wholeness. Then, create your desired outcome. Ask your inner guidance to serve as your compass, enabling you to navigate the distractions and obstacles of uncertainty. Trust yourself and your inner guidance without reservations, doubt, or judgment. Doubt will undermine the process and unleash your inner saboteur. Your ego. 

Other Observations

Now, let us continue our observations. We offer another reason for your frustrations: it has become the mindset of humans as a means of avoiding the past to live for the future. We observe you planning your tomorrow and many morrows and then worrying about what those tomorrows may bring. All this does is rob you of those precious moments of life. When the future drives you, it isn’t easy to experience satisfaction or feel satisfied in the activities and interactions of the day. Such future focus is like chasing a hat in the wind. It seems impossible to catch because it’s always out of your reach. Consequently, you don’t experience the joy of seeing it or the pleasure offered in the activities and awareness of the present moment.   

The multitasking you demand of your mind leaves little room for creativity, quality thinking, dreaming, anticipation, introspection, and contemplation—all elements integral to your inner guidance. Without creativity, you repeat your past. Finding new solutions is difficult without quality thinking, as is weighing your options, thinking outside the box, and directing your mind to your desired outcome. Using your imagination to create the life you want is difficult without dreams. Without anticipation, you miss the excitement of discovering what life offers. Without introspection, you can’t step out of the busyness of your life to see if you are still on course, and without contemplation, you can’t hear the offerings of your inner guidance.  

The human mind has many functions, but scattered thinking isn’t one of them. A scattered mind attracts chaos, makes you prone to making wrong decisions, and makes it difficult to find quality time to do the things that will restore and rejuvenate your body and spiritually fulfill you. A scattered mind creates an agitated mental state that acts like static interference, preventing you from gaining clarity and hearing the guidance and direction offered.

Anger and Love Can’t Hold the Same Space

When we speak of your inner guidance, we’re referring to your extra-sensory system that uses many different forms of expression that are part of your human design. One of those expressions is intuition. This system is neither complex nor requires laborious mental analysis. Its design is free of malfunction, and its purpose serves as an instrument for discernment so you find your inner bearings. Intuition tells you whether you’re speaking your truth or someone else’s, and it can help you recognize if you’re moving in the direction you desire or allowing others’ opinions, expectations, and demands to determine your destination. If you ask, “Is this choice in my highest good?” Your intuition will tell you your truth, not the truths of others held in your mind.  

How your inner guidance expresses itself is influenced by two specific emotions―anger and love. 

When anger is present, your inner guidance alerts you that you’re feeling compromised and are experiencing a power struggle within yourself. As your mind fixates on the compromise, it becomes more frenzied, thus setting off a chemical chain reaction, perpetuating the compromise, and increasing the degree of anger. When your mind and body find themselves in these situations, it isn’t easy to hear the messages provided by your inner guidance—messages that can tell you what’s needed to restore mental calmness and physical tranquility. To bring attention to your psychological and physical state, your inner guidance uses expressions such as stress, emotional distress, burnout, body aches and pains, muscle tension, anxiety, nervousness, stomach upset and pain, and headaches.

On the other hand, when the emotion of love is present, the mind is open and receptive to new ideas and possibilities. Rather than fixating on a problem, it turns to the inner guidance to offer solutions. The messages from your inner guidance flow freely without consciously having to think about what’s being said. You allow the messages from your body to direct you and pay attention to how it’s feeling and what it’s telling you. You aren’t burdened with self-doubt because you trust yourself and listen to your instincts. Your mind is calm, and there’s a sense of ease in navigating life. You feel comfortable in your skin, emotionally hopeful, and excited about life. There’s a feeling of being in sync with the flow of life. There’s no suffering, and even the challenges of everyday living seem less daunting. It’s easy for you to speak your truth and share your emotions. You laugh more and are playful. 

When love is the prevailing emotion, the expressions of your inner guidance are joy, happiness, peacefulness, bliss, satisfaction, self-confidence, pleasure, gratitude, excitement, awe, purposefulness, creativity, positiveness, courageousness, calmness, and inspiration.

Words of Encouragement

We desire to share this message to help you reconnect with your inner guidance and remind you that you can trust your instincts and intuitive insights. In doing so, you will find your way, get the answers you seek, and deepen your spiritual connection to your soul’s essence.  

We offer the following suggestions:  

  • Believe in yourself and your inner guidance. 
    Keep an open mind and observe all that crosses your path. Trust your instincts when your heart tells you it’s genuine. Pay attention to your stomach, for it will validate when what you’re feeling, hearing, and observing is valid and when it isn’t. Listen to the wisdom your inner guidance offers, for it only embodies the truth―your truth. Remember, the benefit of your inner guidance doesn’t lie in receiving its messages. The advantage lies in heightening your awareness to see beyond the obvious and find choices that are in your highest good.  
  • Relinquish mental struggles and accept the truth of your perceptions. 
    When you feel overwhelmed and confused, try releasing all mental distractions by focusing on one thing. This will allow you to recognize when you’re stuck in old thoughts or repeating old behavioral patterns. Accept the truth of your perceptions, and rather than putting the energy into convincing yourself they’re wrong, accept them as suitable for you. Those perceptions can catalyze the change needed to put you back on your spiritual path. 
  • Value your life without hesitation and discontinue the need to justify your existence.
    No two people are the same. You have your uniqueness and your way of doing things. Don’t allow the expectations and demands of others to dictate your life, undermine your self-confidence, or cause you to devalue yourself or your life’s importance. Remember that the preciousness of life is found when the outer world doesn’t drive your actions. Life’s journey is to accept who you are, appreciate life’s blessings, and live fully, richly, boldly, courageously, passionately, and purposefully.    
  • Pay attention to what you say to yourself. 
    Your inner guidance moves you beyond old perceptions by changing your inner narrative if you criticize and chastise yourself, your saboteur, and your past controls. If you change what you say to yourself and how you say it, your heart and soul control. Now, the suggestions and insights of your inner guidance can be heard and acted on. You can create, speculate, evaluate, formulate, and move forward assuredly and confidently. 
  • Allow inner guidance to flow through your words, actions, and deeds.
    Open your mind to the insights of your inner guidance. Look to nature to understand the cycles of how things work. This will help you know when to do, when to be, and when to rest. Be mindful of your words, for they determine your tomorrow. Not harm, and in return, you will not be fearful. Treat others as you desire to be treated. Embrace your empathic abilities to increase your sensitivity to others and their needs. Use your intuition to allow you to see through the delusions of your mind. Every day, do one good deed that will make your life and the lives of others better. This fulfills your soul’s purpose of being of service.  
  • Allow your inner guidance to direct your life so you can consciously live a life that aligns with your soul’s purpose.
    If you remove the constraints of your mental limitations, you awaken to the grace within you. Your head, heart, and soul become unified. Your ability to observe life from a higher perspective becomes natural. Your inner potential becomes an outer reality. Constraints and suffering end, freeing you to be you.       
  • Inner guidance awakens the qualities of resilience, empathy, and spiritual leadership.
    Resilience is expressed in your ability to overcome obstacles by shifting your perception of those obstacles. It’s to accept things as they are, not how your ego sees them. Resilience builds confidence and keeps you on course. Empathy teaches you to trust your inner instincts and honor the differences in people in a non-judgmental expression. It brings forth the kindness of your soul and allows you to view others’ lives through their eyes. Spiritual leadership guides you to accept your more significant role in life and recognize that you already have the foundation of spiritual understanding that makes it possible for you to use your inner wisdom for the good of all. 
  • Inner guidance moves you more deeply inside yourself. 
    Through introspection, you can reconnect with your spiritual nature and reawaken your strong bond with all that exists. Inner guidance encourages you to focus on the experiences that your soul has brought to you so you can learn from them and use them as instruments for change. In doing so, you will flourish from them rather than survive them. You will find insight, inspiration, and integrity in dealing with life.
  • Inner guidance reminds you that you are not alone in the work you came here to do.
    Your inner guidance reminds you that you’re strong and have learned how to be an instrument of change. It reminds you that you are a soul who has chosen this time to grace the earth with your presence so you may be a part of this significant shift of consciousness. It reminds you that you are part of an empowering network of consciousness that will accomplish what you came here to do through your thoughts, words, and actions. Your inner guidance brings forth the knowing that you are never alone, nor do you have to carry the burden of the work alone. The Universe and all that exists support your actions and embrace you in their hearts when you feel tired or discouraged. 
  • Inner guidance demystifies the misconceptions about time.

The constraints of the human perception of time drive you to believe there is only limited time to do your work, accomplish your goals, and fulfill your soul’s purpose. Look at time from the perspective of your inner guidance. You’ll see you have unlimited time, making it possible to accomplish all you came here to do without being burdened by the limitations of struggle, suffering, and stress. This shift in perception will free you from impatience when progress isn’t happening fast enough. It will eliminate your feeling of being stuck. It will stop you from overriding the insights offered by your inner guidance. It will make it possible for you to do your work truthfully and honestly. 

We close with this affirmation and encourage you to speak it daily as its words have great wisdom and power:

My body is strong as an ox,
My memory is as keen as an elephant,
My intuition has the sight of the eagle. 
I have the strength, the mental clarity, 
and the heightened awareness needed to move forward. 
My inner guidance will show me the way.

This ends the message. And, so it is. 

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