Desires and dreams belong to all of us. But, living consciously to achieve them is not an easy task. Establishing the mindset to lift us from our daily struggles and expectations mostly feels unreachable. How do we find direction, eek out answers we know are inside of us, that are written in us but clouded by our consciousness? How do we reach our deepest knowledge and walk the path to our best self?

Manifesting our desires and dreams, and consciously living our soul’s purpose takes the ability to connect, and utilize the qualities of Supraconsciousness. Prayer is a means by which we connect our heart and soul to the Divine Source. Prayer, through asking for help and guidance bridges a connection to the infinite wisdom held in our Supraconsciousness. Infinite wisdom makes it possible to see beyond our mental limitations, to rise above them then move beyond them.

Prayer is more than talking to the God. It’s talking to our higher self and our physical self. Prayer diminishes suffering caused by outer world struggles. It calms the mind and tunes out the negative mental chatter. The act of praying sets in motion our receptive mind to receive what we’re asking for. If we believe with confident expectations that our prayers will be answered, that what we’re asking for has already manifested, then our Supraconsciousness will do its job and make that happen.

Prayer with effort is restrictive at best. Using prayer to try to convince the mind to fix what’s wrong is a futile. The mind does not fix. It identifies and fixates on what it identifies. It reacts in the moment. The benefit of prayer is that it reduces stress and anxiety by flooding our brain and body with the All is well neurotransmitters and endorphins. They calm the mind, relax the body, and create a more positive attitude toward life in general. Prayer raises our vibration, fills our heart with hope, and bypasses the fears and insecurities of the mind. It strengthens our will to live, and increases our ability to prevail in the face of adversity.

Three States of Consciousness

The mind uses three states of consciousness in order to understand and determine what to do with information. Objective consciousness is associated with logic and rational thinking and operates from observation and learned knowledge. It responds to what’s being physically experienced in the moment. Subjective consciousness, on the other hand, is associated from emotions and subconscious thinking. It operates from feelings, emotional reactions and memories that lead to, assumptions. The third state of consciousness is Supraconsciousness. It is associated with the heart, empathy, heightened awareness and remarkable thinking.

Objective and subjective consciousness are no brainers. In other words, that part of our mental processing becomes conditioned. It doesn’t rely or consciously engage in the thinking process. Thinking just happens. Our mind is on autopilot. We find ourselves going through the motions without engaging or questioning decisions or the outcomes we experience. Unfortunately, we ruminate, rehash and may find ourselves stuck in mental loops and emotional patterns of past thinking. Supraconsciousness is most active when objective consciousness is fixated on a problem, and when subjective consciousness is emotionally overwhelmed.

Supraconsciousness merges the first two consciousness, and infuses them with the knowingness of the heart and the wisdom of the soul. It neutralizes the subconscious as it bypasses conditioned emotional reactions, and the information presented by objective consciousness becomes benign. In this benign state, information can be evaluated from an all-encompassing perspective, thus expanding the three states of consciousness. The ability of Supraconsciousness to neutralize, expand, and use the inherent qualities of creativity and imagination, makes it possible for our prayers and desires to be physically realized.

Action Step

Begin your day with a prayer. End your day with a prayer. Pray when you feel afraid and feel mentally stuck. Pray when you feel gratitude. In your prayer ask for peace of mind, and a heart filled with love. Ask for clarity so you may find your way. Remember a prayer can be formal, traditional, and structured or it can be like sitting down with a good friend and enjoying a caring, loving conversation.

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