The Butterfly and The Soul

Many cultures associate the butterfly with the soul. The Chinese believe the butterfly represents the immortality of the soul. The Japanese believe the butterfly represents the soul of a departed one, and believes when we’re visited by a butterfly it’s carrying a message from a loved one. The Egyptian culture sees the butterfly as representing spiritual metamorphosis. Christian religion sees the butterfly as representing resurrection.

Native Americans see the butterfly as a symbol of beauty, and believe that its flitting from flower to flower is its way of pollinating the flower with beauty. Shaman’s believe the butterfly represents the dance of joy. They believe when a butterfly appears it’s reminding us that life is a dance between the physical and spiritual. Its presence is reminding us that it’s only through a light heart that we’re able to free ourselves from our physical state, so we can rise and dance in the ethers. 

There’s no doubt the butterfly in all of its magnificent beauty has significant meaning to it.  

Spiritual Metamorphosis 

The butterfly is a powerful representation of spiritual metamorphosis. It symbolizes change, and reminds us that we, too, go through our own spiritual transformation as we move through the cycles of life. The presence of the butterfly encourages us to emerge from the limitations of our mind, and to take flight. The magical, yet short life of the butterfly serves as a reminder that life is short, so live in the moment to garner the most out of life.  

When the butterfly shows up it’s asking us to observe what stage of change we’re in. It’s inviting us to pay attention to the issues and problems confronting us in that moment. It’s connecting us with our intuition, so we can rise above the problem. Its presence is encouraging us to free ourselves by changing what’s needed, so we can effortlessly move through life. The butterfly is reminding us not to take life too seriously or to stay too long in one place. Watching the butterfly as it moves from flower to flower awakens our sense of joy and lightness. Its beauty inspires us to find the sweetness in life we desire. Its presence reminds us that life is in a continual state of change, and it’s encouraging us to remember that if we’re to create a new beginning, we must be willing to let go of the past. 

Life Cycles 

The life cycles of the butterfly are truly an amazing story of metamorphosis as it changes itself from one form into another. Its life cycles teach us that growth and change don’t have to be traumatic. Instead, they’re more a process of allowing what’s natural to take place. Its life is a transformational journey that begins with one cycle and evolves into other cycles until one day it’s no longer bound by limitations. Instead, it’s free to fly. The same transformational process holds true for life cycles of the soul.   

If we were gathered around the ancient wisdom keepers and asked them to tell us about the life of the soul and explain how it moves from light into matter, we would find them telling the story of the life cycles of the butterfly. They would share how the soul, like the butterfly, goes through a four-cycle process that mysteriously transforms itself from one form into another.

The wisdom keepers would explain that in the case of the butterfly, the process would begin with the creation of an egg, and from that egg a caterpillar would be produced. They would tell how the caterpillar would live its life consuming all it could in preparation for the transformational process that would allow it to morph into the butterfly. They would share how the butterfly would live its life moving from place to place, never staying too long, and gathering all that it needs before it, too, returns its essence back into the eggs it lays. They would end the story of the butterfly by telling us that it’s in the laying of new eggs that its life cycles would begin anew.  

In the story of the metamorphosis of the soul, the wisdom keepers would explain that it, too, begins with the creation of an egg, and from that egg the matter of the soul is produced. They would share how the essence of the soul would live its life observing, learning, and consuming all it could in preparation for the transformational process that would allow it to morph into a physical soul. They would share how the physical soul would live its life moving from place to place, never staying to long, experiencing all that it needs in order to find meaning in life before it, too, returns its essence back into the light of the soul. They would end the story of the soul by telling us that it’s in the seeds of wisdom planted in hearts of others that its life cycles would begin anew.  

The Four Cycles of Metamorphosis

Cycle One – Creation – The Egg – The Essence 

The teachings of the Egyptian mystery schools referred to the soul as the egg, and taught how it was the egg that brought forth life to all that exists. Their hieroglyphics showed an egg above the heads of their wisdom keepers such as Thoth, Isis, and Osiris. They believed that within the egg was unlimited wisdom that serves as the seed of all human thought. They called this the Egg of Metamorphosis. They describe how the essence of the soul lies within the egg, and how within the essence is an inherent truth. A truth the soul would abide too if it’s to survive the trials, difficulties, and suffering it will endure while in matter. 

These hieroglyphics also revealed a secret code imprinted on the outside of the egg and the same code imprinted inside the egg. They believed this code held within it the soul’s purpose as well as guidance on how the soul could navigate itself through the four cycles of life: Creation, Birth, Maturation, and Death. They believed the code was a blueprint that would show the soul how to masterfully decrease its vibrations, so it could survive its own birth into matter, as well as exist in matter. Then upon completion of its purpose, they believed the code revealed how the soul could increase its vibration making it possible for it to shed its matter and return to light. Once back in light it could ultimately return to the heavens. 

These teachings brought to light that the soul’s desire to fulfill its earthy destiny is so great that it’s wiling to struggle to emerge from the safety of its egg by decreasing its vibrations until the egg can no longer support it.  As the vibrations decreased the egg would crack allowing the soul’s light to flow from it. It was the cracking of the egg and the flow of the soul’s light from it that caused the soul to enter into Cycle Two of transformational metamorphosis. 

Cycle Two – Birth – The Caterpillar – The Light

As the caterpillar is the essence of the butterfly, the light is the essence of the soul. This light is a living field of transformational consciousness that’s an integral part of the soul’s purpose and spiritual journey. This light exists before any matter can take form, and when the soul does become matter, its light and its consciousness reside in every cell of its body. The light of the soul is referred to as the light body, and the aura. Its vibration reflects the soul’s essence in its purest form. While in the egg, the vibration of the soul’s light is expansive. Its colors vibrant, and its purpose clearly defined. Yet, on its birth, the vibration of soul’s light is decreased and diminished. Its colors are subdued, and the clarity of its purpose is shrouded by a veil of forgetfulness. 

However, as the soul moves through its many earthly experiences, its light gathers a tremendous amount of acquired knowledge. This profusion of knowledge increases its light as the soul learns to exist in matter. At the same time, this plethora of knowledge can overshadow the soul’s intrinsic wisdom making it difficult to access the guidance needed to move forward effortlessly in its earthly journey. When the soul realizes this, it intervenes and begins to shed the acquired knowledge that’s no longer needed. This shedding occurs many times, thus allowing its field of consciousness to expand and evolve. Each time its field of consciousness expands, the higher the vibration of the light of the soul becomes, until one day it enters into Cycle Three.  

Cycle Three – Maturation – The Chrysalis – The Adult

When the soul enters into the third cycle, it has shed not only the acquired knowledge it no longer needs it has also shed the limitations the knowledge created. Limitations responsible for the soul to waver from its inherent truths. Limitations that cause the mind to lose sight of its role in transformational process. This cycle is referred to as the chrysalis state. It’s the state where the mind, the body, and the soul form union and enter into a time of introspection, reflection, and contemplation. It’s a transitional time. It’s this state where all reconnect, all review and reevaluate life’s experiences, and all remember what must be done to live a meaningful and purposeful life. The chrysalis state is when the needs of the one become the needs of the whole. It’s the state when the virtues of the soul permeate the mind and the body creating a harmonic convergence with the soul. The chrysalis state is where earthly thoughts become heavenly thoughts, and the soul’s purpose finds physical expression. This is the cycle where the light of the soul reaches its highest earthly vibration making it possible to live a joyful life, and to express its true spiritual nature. 

Cycle Four – Death – The Egg – The Essence 

In this final cycle, the transformational process is complete. The caterpillar has become the butterfly, and the eggs have once again been laid. The soul has become matter, and its wisdom has been shared in the hearts it touched. The death of the old is complete, and a new cycle of creation begins. The light of the soul once again emerges from matter. 

However, Cycle Four is different than Cycle Two. Cycle Two is when the light of the soul emerges from the egg and its vibration has been decreased. Its light is diminished. The colors of its light lack vibrancy and are subdued. The soul’s purpose wasn’t yet revealed. In Cycle Four, the soul emerges from its matter with its vibration increased. Its field of light is expansive. Its colors are bright. The soul has successfully lived its purpose, and has learned to follow its inner guidance. Its essence breathes in new life. The soul is able to see beyond the limitations of its earthly matter. It’s able to view its life and experiences from a higher and more expansive perspective. The words it spoke throughout its lifetime evolved into words that expressed its internal wisdom and truths. These truths made it possible for the soul to experience its authentic self, and to fully feel its essence while in the flesh of matter. Upon its death, the soul’s vibrations are so high that its essence effortlessly sheds its matter and returns to light. It’s in this light state the soul is able to make its way back to the heavens. Only to once again lower its vibration and return to the egg. Now the soul’s life cycles begin anew paralleling the life cycles of the butterfly.  

The Story of the Metamorphosis of the Soul  

There are many revelations to be found in the story of the metamorphosis of the soul. Here are some. Perhaps you can find more.  

  • Every cycle of the spiritual metamorphosis is intentional and important.
  • Everything has its place, its reason, and its own timing.
  • Everything the soul needs is provided in each cycle, so it can experience optimal development in that cycle. Development offered from its inner wisdom. Its own light. Its own truth, and its own sacred code, which is written in the essence of its soul.
  • Nothing is wasted. Everything has a purpose and serves a purpose.
  • It takes many shedding’s and transformations before the mind and the soul can form union.  
  • It’s amazing how the soul accepts the shedding process without question. Yet, the mind resists, struggles, and even suffers as it tries to hold on to its past and its acquired knowledge. 
  • Each cycle attracts new experiences, produces new ways of thinking, and creates new needs, all of which require time to develop. 
  • The soul doesn’t rush the metamorphosis process. It understands that life is a spiritual dance, and that the joy in life is found in the dance. 
  • Every thought, every emotion, every relationship, and even health is in a continual state of transformation as all move through the four cycles of metamorphosis. 
  • Crisis, trauma, and difficulty are part of the life cycles. 
  • The soul knows the journey into matter includes experiencing struggle as it finds its way out through the cracking of the egg. 
  • Death is part of the life cycle because without death the cycle can’t begin anew. 
  • Trusting the wisdom of the soul and speaking its truth will free its essence from the mental limitations of the past.
  • Sometimes what we attract isn’t what we asked for. Yet, beneath the surface of what we attract are the opportunities that bring meaning and purpose to life. 
  • The soul knows it must not stay in one line of thinking too long or it will become trapped in its limitations. 

The Butterfly’s Message to You

Life is an evolutionary process of change. Your mind will be uncomfortable with change. It will struggle and fight the process. Your soul knows how to navigate change. Surrender to it, and like the butterfly trust the process.  
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